Ziaja Micellar Waters

Ziaja Micellar Waters

Ziaja Micellar Waters

If you haven’t heard of polish brand Ziaja you are really missing out. They do some great value skincare. The packaging isn’t always the fanciest but the contents inside really deliver what they promise. As we all know micellar waters are the new cleanser du jour. I like to use micellar water as a pre-cleanse before I get at my skin with a balm/oil using water and a flannel.

There are a few micellar waters in the Ziaja range and I’ve tried two of them. Ziaja segment their product by different skin concerns, so there is a Rose Butter range which targets more mature/dry skin and the Sensitive range obviously aimed at us sensitive types. There are about six or seven different ranges, you can check them out here. I have both dry and sensitive skin so I thought I’d try both the Rose Butter and Sensitive ranges. There are three other micellar waters in the range Jasmine, Marine Algae and Aloe.

Both waters come in a generous 200ml bottle. The formulas are extremely gentle. My skin is easily set off by any very perfume or alcohol laden products but these contain neither. The main difference between these is the level of glycerin. Glycerin helps skin to retain moisture so there is more of this ingredient in the Rose Butter version. Both do a great job of removing makeup but you can feel the slightly more moisturising qualities of the Rose Butter one. 

These waters are bargaintastic at just €4.50 each. They’re a great daily skincare staple. Have you tried anything by Ziaja? I can also recommend their Sensitive wash and mask which I reviewed here.

4 thoughts on “Ziaja Micellar Waters

  1. leanne@blatherandbeauty.ie

    I’ve never tried these but love the Olive Nourishing face cream! Such a great brand, I must look more into it!


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