What’s in my makeup bag now!


It’s been ages since I’ve written one of these posts but I know I sure do love reading other peoples so I thought I’d show you what’s in my makeup bag today! First up is the bag itself. This is a lovely Penney’s find and I like it for carting around my day to day makeup in my bag as you really can’t miss the neon pink when rummaging. I’d prefer if it was slightly wider but it does the job. Here’s what’s currently inside –  links to posts in the title if I’ve done a full review…

Revlon Colorstay Foundation – I rarely wear anything else. It gives me the long lasting coverage I need for a day in the office without drying out my skin. I repurchase this very regularly. I wear shade 220 in the dry skin version. This one costs about €17.99 but you can often get it on offer.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer If you’ve missed me harping on about this, where have you been. This is my concealer of choice for under eyes. And it costs just €5.99, sure where would you be going.

Bourjois Concealer Stick – I got this at a bargain stand at the Pro Beauty show but I quite like it. It’s maybe a bit pale for me but is a nice creamy concealer for covering blemishes. I’m not sure if this is till being sold can’t seem to find it. 

Makeup Forever HD Powder I just love the airbrushed finish this gives and it doesn’t feel cakey or heavy on the skin. I got this little pot in the states and its lasting aaages. I think the full size is €34.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Brightening Contour Kit – My little darling Makeup Revolution. This palette contains a great bronzer and highlighter. I’m not as keen on the blusher but I’ll use it in a pinch. A great multitasker to have in the bag and it costs just €4.99.

Sleek i-divine Au Natural Palette – This is a recent addition to the makeup bag and I’m really liking it. The Sleek i-divine palettes are great for carting around as they’re slim and have a massive mirror on the inside. This selection of shades is perfect for day to night makeup with a good mix of neutral shades and costs just €9.99.

Catrice Kohl Eye Liner – Lads you just can’t step too far wrong with Catrice. Their kohl is giving me the same finish as my favourite Urban Decay (but granted colour range not as cool as UD). But these are just €3. Deadly. 

Benefit They’re Real Mascara – I don’t wear mascara everyday but when I do lately I’ve been wearing this. I feel I owe Benefit a bit of an apology as I had previously said I don’t like this! But I’ve found as the mascara has dried out it performs really well, it just doesn’t work for me when it’s brand new and the formula is so wet. I got this little mini one in a set I think but the full size is €26.

A bajillion lip crayons – these are usually floating around the bag, in little pockets or in my coat. Not sure it counts as in the makeup bag but they’re everywhere. My brand of choice is Soap and Glory Sexy Motherpucker lipgloss sticks but I own many, many others.

So this is what I’m carting around with me lately. What are your top products at the moment?

10 thoughts on “What’s in my makeup bag now!

    1. Sarah Post author

      Ha ha in fairness this probably the polishes edit of it, there’re usually a few random bits knocking around

  1. Sharon Leavy

    I always have stupid things in my makeup bag like four eyebrow products and no mascara! Love the little bag, and love the sound of the contour kit. Sounds similar to Sleek!

    1. Sarah Post author

      It’s the spit of the Sleek one! I know what you mean I always seem to have loads of Concealers as well!

  2. Patricia Maloney

    Love this, want to clean out my make up bag but unsure of products that are best to use these days, been too long since i’ve cleaned out bag! Thanks for help :)


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