Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

I was such a lucky duck this Christmas I got some lovely bits for my makeup collection. My sister came up trumps and bought me the amazeballs Vice 2 palette from Urban Decay. You know any palette from Urban Decay is going to be exciting and I was delighted to get this one as it’s something different to the Naked range.

Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

Ahhh It’s so pretty it actually makes my eyes hurt a little bit! The case alone just screams hug me, I really need to get a life obviously but I spent a lot of time oohing and ahhing at this one. It’s got huge Urban Decay jewels on the front of the sturdy purple plastic case. There is a massive mirror on the inside which is very handy. The palette contains a set of twenty eye shadows ranging from neutral to the super bright. At first glance I was bit like, uh is it a bit bright but after swatching all of the shades I fell even more in love. I’ve gone through them row by row below.

Vice 2 top row

  • Smokeout – a matte black.
  • Lovesick – a black with a silver glitter. This was very patchy and hard to get an even finish as you can see from the swatch.
  • Shellshock – a really strongly pigmented silver. This is a real wow shade.
  • Coax – a pink with strong shimmer.
  • X-rated – a satin baby pink.

Urban Decay Vice 2

    •  Prank – a navy blue with green shimmer. The swatch doesn’t do this one justice it has a lovely finish.
    • Madness – a bright blue shimmer but it doesn’t look frosty it’s more jewel like.
    • Strike – a cool toned yellow gold with a shimmer finish.
    • Stash – a khaki green shimmer.
    • Poison – a silver black shimmer with a glitter running through it.

Vice 2 third row

  • Radar – a shimmery brown with a small hint of glitter. It’s an unusual shade I haven’t seen before.
  • Damaged – a bright green shimmer
  • Voodoo – a stunning blue purple with a hint of glitter.
  • Betrayal – a blue/purple satin finish.
  • Derailed – a warm dark grey satin finish.

Urban Decay Vice 2  Palette

  • Dope – a warm satin cream.
  • Toxic – a burnt orange with a hint of glitter.
  • Habit – a matte cream.
  • Ambush – a taupe/brown satin finish.
  • Rewind – a brown matte.

Ah they’re all so pretty!! If I had to pick a top five I would pick Prank, Radar, Shellshock, Toxic and Ambush. Lovesick is not up to usual Urban Decay standard, I probably won’t use this. Granted some of the shades are not going to be for everyday wear but this will definitely be a great palette to play with. The bottom row is a lovely set of neutrals though.

I’m going to be very controversial but I also treated myself to the Naked 3 palette just before Christmas and at the moment I’m just not as excited about it as I am about this. I realise the Naked palettes have been a very lucrative business for Urban Decay but surely even they get bored looking at the millionth brown/beige/greige/goldy shade. Don’t get me wrong I love my Naked palettes and have a post coming up discussing them soon but this just excited me more.

This set also comes with a dual ended brush – sorry I go too excited about the shadows and forgot to take a proper photo of it. It’s a great quality brush compared to your usual palette brush. This palette like all others from Urban Decay isn’t cheap at €47 but you are getting a high quality product at the end of the day. Well, what do you think?

14 thoughts on “Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

  1. lilliwhiterose

    I have the vice 2 palette as well my mum got it for me and I love playing with different looks. I am wearing dope and toxic today :)

  2. Alisha

    Shellshock and Strike are gorgeous! There’s so much hype around the Naked palette’s I think a lot of the other products get shoved to the side! This could be another one for my wishlist… :~)

  3. Chloe

    Oh it’s gorgeous! I do love my Naked palette, but I just got the Feminine palette from a blog sale too & am excited about it – I need some colour! I’d be afraid I’d never use some colours like Madness! x

    1. Sarah Post author

      Ooh I’d never heard of the feminine palette, it looks lovely! Yeah some of the colours in this are a bit different!

  4. Nickki

    Love this. Have been trying to ween myself off UD lately as the majority of my eyeshadows are UD but this I may just have to get, such a variety of colours. Will have to drop some hints for my birthday now! :)


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