Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Review

Too Faced Better than sex mascara box

I’m a bit fussy about my mascaras. I wear contact lenses and my eyes dry out easily so I really need a mascara that won’t irritate my eyes. For years I have been a huge advocate of Max Factor mascaras. I’m a big fan of the classic 2000 calorie mascara which just proves if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! However I recently got this Better Than Sex mascara from Too Faced in my last British Beauty Blogger beauty box and I thought I’d have to give it a whirl.

Too Faced Better than sex mascara wands

The mascara comes in some very pretty packaging albeit with a big claim! It’s something different to the usual plastic black tube, it feels like it’s made of metal. The name is embossed on the side and it’s just overall a pretty little package. The brush itself is quite thick and curved in the middle in an hourglass shape. The brush is just too chunky for me you really have to be careful when you apply it not to hit your lids or under eye area. Apparently you’re suppose to roll it up the lashes but it all gets a bit clumpy looking for me if I try to do that. I think a smaller brush works better for me.

Too Faced Better than sex mascara box claims

When I first removed the wand I thought the formula of the mascara was quite dry. Sometimes new mascaras are a little wet and I wait for them to dry up a little but this looked like an older mascara when I opened it. It also looked a little clumpy on the brush. The formula is just far too dry for my eyes. After a few hours the mascara starts to flake when I touch my lashes. By the end of the day the mascara has smudged underneath my eyes which isn’t great.

Too Faced Better than sex mascara eyes

Lashes with Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (ignore unruly brows)

This mascara makes some big claims on the package including a 1,944% increase in volume! My lashes definitely looked longer and slightly thicker but not any more so than other mascaras I’ve tried. It also claims to help curl lashes given its hourglass wand shape but I really couldn’t get the hang of the wand on this. Overall I found this mascara to be a bit disappointing especially for one with a €22 price tag and such a big claim…Better Than Sex? eh…no. Have you tried this? I’d be interested to hear what you think!

8 thoughts on “Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Review

  1. Makeupmonster

    Oh dear, it’s so hard to find a really decent mascara sometimes! I really like the latest Bourjois one so I’m going to get that in the non-waterproof version, I still want to try Miss Manga rom L’Oreal and of course the new Urban Decay Perversion mascara has me all excited!

    1. Sarah Post author

      It’s so hard! I keep looking at Miss Manga and everyone is raving about that new seventeen one as well

  2. sarah

    Oh I had high hopes for this mascara as I also wear lenses and suffer from dry eyes too. Such a disappointment that the stats didn’t live up in real life, especially for that price.

  3. blatherandbeauty

    Thats a big price for that mascara. I do love big fluffy wands, I usually go for the Colossal Volume one from Maybelline. That wand does look very big though! You should really give the Seventeen one a go. I was very sceptical at first buts its fab, plus only 9 euro I think.


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