The Empties Continue

Empties september

Thank god it’s my birthday soon as I’m running out of products at lightening speed at the moment! Only a few weeks since I wrote my last empties post and there are plenty more heading for the bin. Here’s my thoughts on the latest round…

MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural – ah I’ve been eking out the end of this powder for too long, it’s definitely time for the bin. I love this as my go to setting powder when I want my face to last all day. I  will replace you oh yes I will. This costs €26.50 but lasts aaaages.

Hand Chemistry Hand Cream – oh my G I love this stuff. It’s the most moisturising hand cream I’ve ever used. This regularly saves the back of my hands from looking sandpaper dry. This lasted me ages as I was using it very sparingly but I’ve already bought a replacement when I spied it for sale in TK Maxx. I think it only cost me €15 when the regular size is a bit spendy at €24.99.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Gentle Bronze – this stuff is the bees knees. I use this as my go to no fuss tan. It comes up really natural on me but with a decent hint of colour. If I apply it a few days in a row I go pretty dark. It’s hard to mess this up once you wash your hands well after using it. It’s also really good value at €6.99 and like all the best things in my life it has a pump. I’ve already replaced this empty one!

Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub - I’m sure many people have this one in the bathroom. I just love this one for its scrubability and how it leaves skin feeling nicely moisturised. I may hold out till Christmas to replace this one though, maybe it’ll be in the big S&G Christmas box! This one costs €11.99.

Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash – This stuff is just lovely and does leave skin feeling quite soft. I’m not sure if run out to replace it but if I saw an offer on I’d definitely pick this up. This only costs €3.79 though so is a bit of a bargain already!

So that’s my latest pile headed for the bin, I’m hoping this streak of empties will end soon!

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