The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Beautifying Oil

body shop cocoa butter oil

I think I must be mistaken as I do believe this is my first review of a Body Shop product on my blog! I can’t really believe it as I do love their products (body butters in particular) but somehow they haven’t landed here until now. I received The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Beautifying Oil in the last British Beauty Blogger Dream Box 2 here. Here’s how I got on with it…

I really love to use oils for body moisturising. I like to hop out of the shower and apply them to damp skin. It’s a slightly lazy but effective way to moisturise. I often use pure coconut oil but was happy to have a new oil to try out. This oil contains a blend of oils including Marula Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, it also contains cocoa butter which gives it a lovely scent.

What I really love about this oil is that it is very like a dry oil and doesn’t feel greasy or sticky on the skin. It absorbs almost instantly. When I first saw it I thought that the bottle was quite small (100ml) but I realised that a little of this stuff goes a long way. I use this as a body moisturiser but you can also use it in your hair.

This oil costs €15 but I noticed it’s £9 (€11.50) on the UK site so we don’t do so well on the pound difference with this. The oil will probably last a while but I think it might just be slightly pricey for the 100ml. It comes in nine different scents including yummy sounding ones such as pink grapefruit, satsuma and mango. What do you think, have you tried any of the oils from The Body Shop?

5 thoughts on “The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Beautifying Oil

  1. Judy

    Hmmmm…interesting. I am thinking of trying this out since I love oils. I like the idea that it does not feel greasy and dries very well.

  2. Nora

    I must check this out actually. I need a new body oil. I’m half way through a Caudalie one and I always love having an oil at hand. Also the price diff?!! Crazy!


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