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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review

Well I think I’ve said this before but one of my great missions in life is to find a gel like polish that lasts more than a day on me. I love my Shellac but can’t put up with the damage it does to my nails and the total pain in the behind that it is to remove. So far I have tried a few polishes with the gel colour and daylight curing top coat. I’ve had mixed results with the CND and Barry M versions. I wasn’t going to try the Sally Hansen version as I had heard very mixed reviews but one of the girls in work let me borrow hers to try it out before I made the investment.

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NOTW: Sally Hansen I Pink I Can!

The pharmacy near where I work often has some great nail polish deals. I passed through recently and they had a set with this Sally Hansen I Pink I Can nail polish, a set of their Frock Star nail polish strips and a nail file for just €6.95! So of course I couldn’t say no. The Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes are great and give a lovely finish to your nails.I applied the nail strips as an accent nail, they’re fairly easy to use but I don’t know if I’d have the patience to apply them to all nails! What do you think?

Sally Hansen I Pink I Can

Sally Hansen I Pink I Can Bottle

Sally Hansen I Pink I Can polish and Frock Star nail strips

Summer Nails – Crazy for Coral Nails!

Crazy for Coral!

Crazy for Coral!

I recently did a big clear out of my nail varnish bag – I didn’t throw anything out by the way – I clearly have a hoarding problem, it was more of a nail varnish review really :) Turns out I have eight coral nail varnishes, not including the one I have twice unknown to myself. Coral is one of my favourite nail colours for summer, punchy and bright.

So I thought I’d show you my coral collection and you might see something you like, apologies for the childlike nail painting, I for some reason painted them in the darkest corner in the apartment and then took the photos in daylight, rookie mistake!

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