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3D Nail Art Bargain

Embellish Manicure

Embellish Manicure

I was recently wandering aimlessly through Penny’s, as you do, and of course had to stop at the makeup counters on my way. I was browsing the Catrice counter and out of the corner of my eye I spotted some cool looking nail varnish on a shelf near by. It was a plain silver varnish and what I though was a glitter varnish but realised was a jar of little beads. It immediately reminded me of the Ciaté Caviar manicure sets.I love a bit of nail art so I thought to myself for €3.50, I’m having that!

Well for the sake of a few euros I had great fun with this I have to say! Basically you paint your nail with the silver varnish and while it is still wet you pour the beads over the varnish and they stick to it, you can press them a little to help them stick a bit better. You’re supposed to leave the beads for about 10 minutes for them to fix fully.

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