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NOTW: Sleek Loves Gel Nails – Revolver

Well you might have noticed that I recently got a bit carried away in Superdrug and bought one product too many. I don’t regret buying this one though! Sleek have a new range of gel effect polishes and they are very pretty. As we’re heading into Autumn I bought this neutral taupey grey shade called Revolver. The colour goes on totally opaque in two coats. It’s not as shiny as other gel polishes I’ve tried but it does have a lovely finish and it lasts really well. I’ve had it on three days with no sign of wear yet. This polish cost me £4.99 (€6.30) but I think it is good value for the quality of the polish.

Sleek Loves Gel Nails Revolver

Sleek Loves Gel Nails Revolver

Sleek Loves Gel Nails Revolver close up

Sleek Loves Gel Nails Revolver POlish

NOTW: Pink and Brocade!

Well In case you haven’t heard me blabbing on this week I am on two weeks holidays from work! I’ve of course had to do some holiday nails. I decided I’d use the Essence Gel nails at home kit because it’d last me a bit longer and I can just peel it off. I use any polish with this system just fine, it doesn’t have to be an Essence polish. For the look below I used the pretty Essie Romper Room polish with the Maybelline Brocades polish in knitted gold as an accent nail. I really like this look, what do you think?

NOTW Brocade

NOTW: No7 Gel-Look Shine Polish Fuschia

There has been a plethora (big word for a Friday) of gel type nail polishes launched over the last year or so. I picked up one of the No7 ones recently with one of my many many Boots vouchers. This shade is called Fuchsia, it photographs more red for some reason but it’s pinker than the photos show.  I really love the colour of this but I’m not convinced of the gel look of it. If anything I found the polish to go a little dull after a day or so. It goes on really easy in one coat and is a pretty colour but if you’re looking for thick looking gel shine, there are polishes that do this better, like the most brilliant gel topcoat in the world that I spoke about on Monday here. Also at €9.99 they are not the cheapest but if you have a money off voucher they’re definitely worth it.

No7 gel look shine polish bottle

No7 gel look shine polish

NOTW: Models Own Southern Lights

This has nothing to do with the nail polish but I am obsessed with seeing the Northern Lights, it’s been on my bucket list for years! So because of my obsession I really wanted the Models Own Northern Lights nail polish but unfortunately it was out of stock when I was placing a 50% off order online. So I opted for the next best thing… Southern Lights! This is a fine holographic glitter polish in a sheer grey toned base. It looks very sheer on its own so I think it really comes to life when used over a base colour. I used a baby blue polish underneath this and I think it really makes the glitter pop. I used two coats of glitter for this look. I wouldn’t normally wear glitters in the summer but I think this is very pretty when it catches the sunlight. What do you think? You can pick up Models Own polishes in bigger Boots stores for €6.

Models Own Southern Lights Models Own Southern Lights bottles

NOTW: Makeup Revolution Adore

It’s Nail of the Week time! As part of my bumper Makeup Revolution order here, I was restrained and ordered just four nail polishes while my sister ordered two. One of the shades was this purple beauty called Adore. This goes on quite easily, it went totally opaque for me in two coats. I expected it to be a more delicate purple shade, it goes on more purple that I thought but I still really like it. I added a few dots as an accent nail, I really need to expand my nail art techniques!! The Makeup Revolution polishes are a bargain, they cost just £1/€1.25 and come in 40 shades! What do you think?

Makeup Revolution NOTW Adore Makeup Revolution NOTW Adore Bottle

NOTW: Leticia Well Nail Polish 437

A friend of mine was on holidays in Spain and came across this bargain brand of nail polish. She kindly let me borrow one to put it to the test. This is a bright coral neon that goes on pretty opaque in one coat. The bottle has a lovely wide brush so it’s easy to paint nails quickly. This is such a great shade for summer and will look great on toes as well. The polish lasts well, it took three days before I started to see a bit of wear with this. Amazingly these polishes cost just €1! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for these whenever I’m next in Spain! Have you tried these polishes?

Leticia Well

Leticia Well Bottle

NOTW: Sally Hansen I Pink I Can!

The pharmacy near where I work often has some great nail polish deals. I passed through recently and they had a set with this Sally Hansen I Pink I Can nail polish, a set of their Frock Star nail polish strips and a nail file for just €6.95! So of course I couldn’t say no. The Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes are great and give a lovely finish to your nails.I applied the nail strips as an accent nail, they’re fairly easy to use but I don’t know if I’d have the patience to apply them to all nails! What do you think?

Sally Hansen I Pink I Can

Sally Hansen I Pink I Can Bottle

Sally Hansen I Pink I Can polish and Frock Star nail strips

NOTW: Yes Love Speckled Polish!

Sorry things have been a little quiet the last week or so on the blog, I was on holidays and have been so busy since I’ve been back. Normal service will resume shortly! :-) Anyways while I was in Tenerife I picked up a few polishes from the brand Yes Love which I had never heard of. I chose this lovely speckled polish which is great quality for the bargain price of €2.95. The polish is lovely and creamy and goes on opaque in two coats. I like the quality of these polishes so much I wish I had bought more. What do you think?



NOTW: Rimmel Salon Pro by Kate in Goddess

I haven’t done a Nail of the Week in aaaages, sorry! I’m not sure why as it’s not like I’ve given up painting my nails :-) I got this lovely Rimmel polish in my goody bag from the Love Life and Makeup bloggers meetup. It immediately caught my attention because I love anything with a coral tone. This is a pale orangey coral with a slight hint of a pearly shimmer. It goes on opaque in two coats and I think it makes a lovely summery shade. What do you think?

Rimmel Goddess

Rimmel Goddess

NOTW Rimmel Goddess

NOTW: Formula X Liquid Crystals in Solar Flare

Agghhh I love this and you can only get them in the US, I want all of them now! This polish is just amazing, the kind that you keep staring at. It goes on opaque in two coats and it has such an unusual finish. It’s like a cross between a glitter, sand and foil polish. This shade is a lovely pink toned red with flecks of gold throughout it. I don’t think I’m describing it too well but hopefully the pictures below will do it justice. The finish is just really eye catching and I’ve been wearing it three days without a hint of a chip. These cost $12.50 and I urge you to buy some if you are stateside and buy some for me!

Formula X Solar Flare

Formula X Solar Flare

Formula X Solar Flare

Formula X Solar Flare