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Beauty Storage – Neat and Tidy!

All neat and tidy!

All neat and tidy!

Hi my name’s Sarah and I’m a self-confessed neat freak. My mam is super tidy, she once tried to pick my runner up off the floor when my foot was in it –  true story, ha ha, sorry mam, love you! I always used to slag her about it when I was younger but it’s true, you do turn into your mother. In fact mam now claims that I am worse than her and she’s probably right.

My neat obsession extends to the organising of my beauty stash. I store my everyday beauty essentials in my Muji storage below. The Muji storage is just great. You can buy different bits that are stackable and they’re made of plain Perspex so you can see everything in them. I have a piece with two wide drawers and on top of this I stack the piece with one closed in drawer and one with the flip top lid. The one with the flip top lid is handy because I stand my face creams, lip balms etc. on this as you can see.

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