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Problem skin? Scrub your nose in it!

Scrub Your Nose In It!

Scrub Your Nose In It!

I’m not gonna lie but I’m usually quite lucky with my skin. I don’t get spots very often but when my skin has a fit it does it big style! I was sick recently and my skin decided to join the pity party. I started to break out and my chin and nose looked really congested.

I had a rummage through my beauty stash to see if I could find any inspiration and I came across this product. It’s Scrub Your Nose In It by brilliant brand Soap & Glory. It’s quite a cool product as it’s a scrub and mask combo. You can just use it as an exfoliator or leave a thin layer of it on for three minutes as a mask.

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Calm down with Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel!

Elemis Papay Enzyme Peel front-back

Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel

I recently got a bit of shock news about my skin :( apparently it has a bit of a temper!

I had been feeling my skin was getting a bit dull and was starting to show its age so I went for two sessions of microdermabraision and started using Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (which I do like but have learnt not to use too liberally). I thought I was getting good results but my skin started to get oilier. A problem I’ve never had.

Any who I had booked a day at the spa (The Spa at Mount Wolesley – lovely) with mam and had a Mini Elemis Facial as part of it. The therapist asked me loads of questions about my skin regime and told me I was starting to show signs of Rosacea – I had a little internal shriek and thought WTF???

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