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My Latest Empties!


It’s just typical that all my products have started to run out at the same time and I’m a bit brokey cokey to start splashing the cash! I’ll have to hold out for payday to replace some of my stash. But I thought I would share my rubbish with you basically. Here’s all the bits going into the bin :-(

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Lots of Empties!

empties feb

I don’t normally do empties post as I feel like I’m just showing you my rubbish! But this month I seem to have run out of everything I own at the exact same time, so I thought I would share. I’m really hoping to get some Boots coupons soon so I can do a proper stock up and max out my advantage card points, I’m already doing my beauty maths, ha ha! Here is a selection of the stuff I’ve run out of…

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