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My Cleanser Collection!

Cleanser Collection

In 2015 I became truly obsessed with skincare and with cleansers in particular! I’ve now about 10 regularly on the go so I thought I’d share these with you and some speedy reviews. I have three main types of cleanser on the go, balms, creams and gels. I did have one pure oil cleanser in the mix but sadly that is all gone and I’m on the hunt for a new one – am eyeing up the new Elemis one. I’ve divided the speed reviews by the type of cleanser below. Where I’ve done a full review of the cleanser the link is in the name.

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My Top 3 Winter Cleansers!

Cleansers for winter

I’m a bit obsessed with cleansers at the moment, I find I’m drawn to them when I’m out shopping lately but I definitely don’t need any more! It’s getting into colder weather and I’m really relying on cleansers to help keep my skin feeling moisturised and supple. My skin gets very dry and sensitive in the winter months so I need a good cleanser that won’t irritate my skin. Here are some of my top cleanser picks for winter.

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Dry Skin Saviours!

Well if I haven’t mentioned it fifty times, I’m just back from my hols in Peru. I had a great time but my poor skin didn’t, a lot of my trip was spent in desert or at quite high altitude and unfortunately those conditions just equal very dry skin. Everybody on my trip was glued to their lip balm and my poor hair was a tangled mess. Luckily the face on my skin was in fairly good condition and I know that was down to the skincare I brought with me. Even though I had limited space in my rucksack I brought some quality minis with me. Here’s what I brought to keep the moisture in…

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Current Skincare Routine

Current skincare routine

I haven’t updated you on my skincare routine in a while. I find the cold weather and all the central heating is wreaking havoc with my skin at the moment. It looks permanently parched and isn’t helping the look of my foundation. I’ve been bringing out my moisture big guns in an attempt to parch my thirsty skin.

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