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The Best Beauty Stocking Fillers!

stocking cover

I love itty bitty gifts! Similar to the way beauty advent calendars have rocketed in popularity this year we’re also inundated with beauty ornaments, crackers and other christmassy trinkets. I’m a sucker for a Christmas gimmick though so obviously I want them all! So I’ve scoured all the shops and I’ve picked my top beauty stocking fillers from the large bunch.

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Christmas Beauty Gifts Under €30

€30 Gifts

Christmas is going to be here in just a few weeks, it’s hard to believe. I am drastically under prepared, I have not bought one single present yet, starting to panic! A week or so ago I brought you my gift guide for around the €50 mark here. Today I’ve had more fun with virtual window shopping and am bringing you my gift guide for under €30. Maybe this will actually inspire me to start shopping!

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Christmas Beauty Gifts under €50

Christmas roundup

Agghhhhh it’s that time again! I’m so excited, I know loads of people aren’t big on Christmas but I just love it. It’s a real fun, cosy, warm the feet by the fire, family focussed time of year. One big part of course is the gifts! Every year I look forward to seeing everything that’s new in beauty land for Christmas and bringing you my pick of the Christmas beauty gifts. I’ll start at the higher end of the budgets this week and work towards the last minute stocking fillers. Below are my picks of the gifts for €50 or under…

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My Beauty Sale Buys and Christmas Gifts!

christmas gifts

Well it’s probably no surprise that my Christmas wishlist is usually entirely filled with beauty products. My lovely family always come up trumps with some really amazing gifts. I’m also so greedy that I couldn’t help but pick up a few bits in the sales as well. Anyway I thought I would give you a peek at the new beauty bits I have in my stash.

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Christmas Nails!

It’s been ages since I’ve written a nail post! I have my work Christmas Party this week so I like to do a bit of festive nail art. I used lots of tape and glitter polishes from The New Black and OPI to get the look below. I also used star nail charms that I got in Penneys. Loving the Penneys nail range at the moment. This took me about an hour to do so it does take a bit of patience! What do you think? Do you have the patience for nail art?

Top 10 Beauty Stocking Fillers!


I love dinky beauty bits so I really look forward to writing about Christmas stocking fillers. They’re not too expensive but would be a perfect addition to any Christmas stocking or as a little gift for self while shopping! I have put a lot of thought into it and narrowed it down to my top 10 stocking fillers for about €10…

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Beauty Gifts Under €30

€30 gift cover

Tis almost the season and all that so I am continuing my beauty gift guides to help you pick the perfect gift for the beauty lover in your life for Christmas. Last week I showed you my beauty gift picks under €50 and this week I’m looking at my pick of the beauty gift crop under €30. Here goes…

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Beauty Gifts Under €50!

Beauty Gifts Under €50Well I’m officially allowed use the C word now as Christmas is next month! One of my favourite things at Christmas (apart from the food) is checking out all the new beauty gifts available. I’ve had a good hunt around to pick some of my favourite gifts for the beauty lover in your life that cost €50 or under.

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NOTW – Snowman Nails!

Another Christmassy Nail of the Week! I am gradually branching out with my nail art and trying to so something a bit more complex than dots. I thought how hard can a snowman be, turns out it’s not as straightforward as you might think. I painted the snowman on with the brush and added the details with the nail art pen. The orange polish is by NYC in Spring Street and the white China Glaze polish is Dandy Lyin Around (?). It’s definitely not perfect but it’s a start! What do you think?

NOTW Snowman China Glaze

NOTW Snowman Tools