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Catrice Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick

Catrice gloss

Well I’m a lip gloss girl through and through. I know it’s not very beauty blogger of me but I rarely wear lipstick and when I do it tends to be a lipgloss/lipstick hybrid such as my favourite Soap and Glory Sexy Motherpucker gloss sticks. Recently I have also been absolutely loving the Catrice Made to Stay Lip Polish but sadly they have been discontinued :-( Every cloud has a silver lining though as the peeps at Catrice sent me this new Shine Appeal Fluid lipstick in shade 07 ‘Better Make a Mauve’ to try.

I got quite excited when I received this because as soon as I opened it, it reminded me of one of my favourite lipglosses of all time. I have a Chanel lipgloss that I’ve had longer than I’d like to admit and I save it for special use because I’m afraid it’s going to run out. They don’t make the shade anymore so I closely guard it. So I squealed a little when I opened this because it was so similar as you can see. The Catrice gloss has a slightly more pink tone to it but it’s close enough for me!

Top - Chanel Bottom - Catrice

Top – Chanel Bottom – Catrice

It turns out the similarities don’t end there as the glosses are of a similar quality. The Catrice one has a very glossy look but feels more creamy on lips than sticky. This has fairly good staying power but most glosses don’t have much longevity. I would say this is a gloss in it’s truest sense, I’m not sure what ‘Fluid Lipstick’ implies but I might have expected something not quite as glossy. That doesn’t take away from it’s loveliness as a gloss as you can see below.

Catrice Gloss Swatch

The Catrice Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick  closely matches my Chanel gloss both in colour and quality but obviously for a much smaller price tag of €4.49. I’ll definitely be adding a few of these to my already too massive gloss collection! There are eight shades available on Catrice counters in pharmacies nationwide now.

NOTW Chanel Kaleidoscope

You’re going to kill me but I’m writing about a polish you can’t get any more because Chanel has discontinued it! I had to write about it because I realised it’s the oldest nail polish I have. My friends bought me this for my birthday back in 2008! It’s  as good as new though and still goes on perfectly. Kaleidoscope is a gold/pewter shade with a bit of a shimmer finish. I love it for a classy night time look. I didn’t realise how much of a collectors item the Chanel polishes are, if you REALLY want this you can buy it on eBay for about €100!! Crazy, I like it but not that much! If you like this kind of shade Max Factor Angel Nails isn’t a million miles off it but it leans more silver. What do you think?

chanel kaleidoscope

Chanel Kaleidoscope