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NOTW – Catrice and Essence Glitter!

I applied for tickets to Frillseeker.ie launch and I was so happy when I got them. I had a great time at the launch, it was packed! Of course I had to do my nails for such a glamorous event. I chose this favourite nude polish from Catrice. It’s a fab opaque dusky pink, called ‘The Nude Scene’ from the limited edition 40’s Collection. The collection is an oldie but I’ve seen it on some counters in the last few weeks. I of course had to sparkle it up with some glitter powder from Essence Pigments, called ‘Broadway Starlet’. I applied this to the tips with a little concealer brush I got with an eye palette. What do you think?

Catrice The Nude Scene

Catrice The Nude Scene

Catrice Polish 'The Nude Scene' and Essence Glitter 'Broadway Starlet'

Catrice Polish ‘The Nude Scene’ and Essence Glitter ‘Broadway Starlet’

Catrice Prime and Fine Primer Review

Catrice Primeand Fine Primer

Catrice Prime and Fine Primer

I’m sure I echo many of you when I say I likey Catrice a lotty! My latest lunchtime beauty splurge included the Catrice Prime and Fine Primer. I had been using a Sephora primer that’s quite similar to Smashbox Photofinish but I ran out after having it for what felt like years. Being ‘When are we getting paid again?’ time I splashed out 4 of my hard earned euros on the Catrice primer and thought how bad could it be.

It’s a pink creamy silicone based texture. It’s similar to the L’Oreal Studio Secrets primer. If you have any allergies to silicone or easily clogged pores this may not be for you. It glides on easily and leaves a slightly matte finish and I think the pink hue really brightens the face as well. You can apply foundation straight away and there’s no weird residue that I’ve found with some primers.

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BB Mine! – Catrice BB Cream Review

Catrice BB Cream Foundation

Catrice BB Allround Foundation

BB, Schmeee B…. is it getting a bit yea whatever? And now we have CC creams and probably DD,EE and FF creams, enough already.

Now I do love a trend as much as the next person – in fact I am a total beauty ho – but I’m still wondering will the BB’s be (ha ha -sorry) a permanent fixture or will they gradually be discontinued onto the beauty fad rubbish heap.

I liked the idea of the BB cream and my first investment was, like most people, the Garnier one. I kind of/sort of liked it but the colour was just a bit off and made me look a little too shiny – on the chip pan shiny side not the healthy glow shiny side. I wasn’t totally bought in and thought maybe the BB’s were just a fad, not for me.

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