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My Top 5 Most Read Posts!

My Top 5 Most ReadSo my little blog recently turned six months old. The time has just flown, I really don’t know where it has gone!  I’ve learnt a lot so far and have really enjoyed the whole creative process of it. Sometimes you lose a bit of motivation but then I look at the amount of people who have read my blog in the last six months and imagine all those people in a big room. You actually read my blog! It makes it all worthwhile. I’m so grateful as well for all the lovely comments I get, I get so excited when I get a new one!

Anywho I’ll stop rambling but on my six month blog birthday I thought it might be interesting to show you my Top 5 Most Read Posts. I get a good proportion of my visits from search traffic so I just think it’s interesting to see what’s popular. Here’s the countdown starting with number 5 most read…

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Beginners Advice on Blogging

advice bloggingAh here now I am just a little bud in the garden of blogging as I’ve only been blogging a few months. But this is one of today’s topics for the September Beauty Blog Challenge so I thought I would write it from a newbie perspective. This is what I have learned about blogging so far and some small titbits of advice. I’m sure my seasoned blogger friends would have plenty more to add so I recommend following the #SBBC on twitter for more advice.

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