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A Beauty Blogger Recommends!

blogger recommends

I was tagged by the lovely AJ over at AJ Makeup to do this tag post. This is where I share the beauty products that I recommend the most. I’ve had a good think about all of the products that I can’t run out of and would be lost without. It’s taken me a bit of time but I have whittled it down to the six products I recommend the most.

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Top 10 Beauty Tag!

Top 10 products coverIt’s been so long since I’ve written a Tag post. I really like them though as it’s a great way get you thinking about your beauty stash. I was tagged by the lovely Leanne over at Blather and Beauty to do this one – you can see her post here. For this tag you pick your top 10 makeup products and after a LOT of  deliberation here’s what I’ve picked…

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How much is my face worth?

Face Worth

I first saw this tag over on Total Makeup Addicts blog first and have seen it on a few others since. It’s quite a scary topic that I’m a little bit afraid to do it. I know I spend a lot of money on makeup but I’m a bit afraid to total up some of my products. Basically I’m going to take the makeup I’d wear on a night out and add up how much it’s worth! Right, deep breath, here goes.

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