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Skin 79 BB Creams – Finally!

Skin 79 Boxed

One of my favourite Irish Bloggers Makeup Monster has raved for a long time about the amazingness of these BB creams. I do like a bit of a BB cream because they act as a light foundation while protecting your skin with an SPF. I recently read another review of these by Total Makeup Addict and that gave me the final push to order these!

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BB Mine! – Catrice BB Cream Review

Catrice BB Cream Foundation

Catrice BB Allround Foundation

BB, Schmeee B…. is it getting a bit yea whatever? And now we have CC creams and probably DD,EE and FF creams, enough already.

Now I do love a trend as much as the next person – in fact I am a total beauty ho – but I’m still wondering will the BB’s be (ha ha -sorry) a permanent fixture or will they gradually be discontinued onto the beauty fad rubbish heap.

I liked the idea of the BB cream and my first investment was, like most people, the Garnier one. I kind of/sort of liked it but the colour was just a bit off and made me look a little too shiny – on the chip pan shiny side not the healthy glow shiny side. I wasn’t totally bought in and thought maybe the BB’s were just a fad, not for me.

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