Sunday Catchup!

Sunday Catchup

Welcome to the Sunday Catchup! Here I’ll give you a quick run through of what I’ve been writing about, other blog posts I’ve enjoyed and any beauty bits I’ve bought!

What I’ve been writing about this week…

this week

This week I took a little trip over to England to visit a friend of mine. So on Monday I wrote about the pain of packing Carry On Cosmetics. It’s such a pain trying to whittle down your stash but I don’t think I did too badly!

I knew I’d be away for a few days so I decided to use my Essence Gel Nail Kit to do my nails. It means I get about 5 days chip free and I can just peel the polish off. I used the lovely Essie Romper Room with the Maybelline Brocade polish in knitted Gold.

I went a bit mad over in England and spent a little too much in Superdrug! I know I can buy most of the products here but I got carried away because I was on my holidays!

Blog posts I’ve loved this week…

Samantha over at All The Buzz wrote a great post about getting more people to read your blog here. It’s got some great tips for anybody just starting out. I don’t get crazy views on my blog but I just love that anybody at all is reading it! My main tip to get more readers is to be passionate about your blog. If you are passionate about your blog that will shine through in your content and people will really want to read it.

Total Makeup Addict herself Aisling, wrote a great post here about private label makeup brands. I’m a little uncomfortable about the idea of private labelling, I just feel if I was setting up a makeup brand I would want the product itself to be original as opposed to just the packaging. It’s not to say the makeup is bad quality but I just prefer brands where I know the brand has done all the product development.

What I bought this week…

superdrug haul all

I bought so much this week that I dedicated a full post to it here. Despite feeling guilty for spending so much I really like everything that I bought so far!

So there you have it – my blogging and beauty week. Hope you enjoyed your week xx

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