Sunday Catchup!

Sunday Catchup

Welcome to the Sunday Catchup! Here I’ll give you a quick run through of what I’ve been writing about, other blog posts I’ve enjoyed and any beauty bits I’ve bought!

What I’ve been writing about this week…


I’m not having great luck with some of the new products I’m trying. This week I reviewed the Vinylux 7 day polish and after trialling it twice it chipped on me both times on day three. It was a bit disappointing as I know loads of people who love it. On a more positive note on Thursday I posted about some products I’m really loving at the moment including a great blush palette from Makeup Revolution and the famous This Works Deep Sleep Spray.

Blog posts I’ve loved this week…

Rachel over at Oh Hey There Rachel! had a lovely post showing a natural smoky eye look using a very pretty Gosh Palette. I wish I had half the style Rachel has when I was 16 which was unfortunately a long time ago!

Last week I mentioned I was lusting after the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder palette well now the want has doubled as they are releasing a palette of the blushers! Yvonne at One For the Wishlist captured the want for this in her post this week.

Aisling at Total Makeup Addict did a really really comprehensive post about French pharmacy brands. It’s a great read if you are planning on visiting and want to do some beauty shopping. I lived in France many years ago and really didn’t take advantage of all the beautyness, mainly because I was a poor student!

What I bought this week…


Well my spending restraint didn’t last too long but I wasn’t too spendy this week. I had a Boots discount voucher for €6.50 off No7 skincare so I bought the Beautiful Skin Cleansing Lotion for dry skin. It costs €12.50 but cost me just €6 with the voucher. I found another bargain in Boots on their clearance shelf! They had this cute Soap and Glory set which contains generous mini sizes of the Clean Girls shower gel, Scrub Em and Leave Em body scrub and The Daily Smooth body lotion. This was half price and cost just €10.75. I really don’t need it but couldn’t pass it up at that price!

So that was my blogging and beauty week. Hope you enjoyed your week xx

4 thoughts on “Sunday Catchup!

  1. Aisling

    Aw thanks for the mention and glad you found it helpful! You always make me want to try Makeup Revolution- have not tried anything from them yet but have a long wishlist by now :)


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