Sunday Catchup!

Sunday Catchup

Welcome to the Sunday Catchup! Here I’ll give you a quick run through of what I’ve been writing about, other blog posts I’ve enjoyed and any beauty bits I’ve bought!

What I’ve been writing about this week…


On Tuesday I wrote about the relatively new Image Skincare Iluma Lightening Serum. I have been trialling this for seven weeks now and I think it’s a great pick if your skin is prone to rosacea, It helps calm and soothe skin.  It didn’t make a massive difference to the pigmentation in my skin though.

I’ve been thinking about some of my beauty blogger habits which is why I wrote my Confessions of a Beauty Blogger post on Thursday. A lot of my fellow bloggers have agreed with me so I’m glad to know I’m not alone!

Blog posts I’ve loved this week…

If you haven’t heard about the arrival of Charlotte Tilbury in Ireland where have you been hiding?! Her range is a treat for the eyes and all the reviews I’ve seen so far say the products are fab quality. Nurse Fancy Pants herself Chloe wrote a great review about the FilmStar Bronze & Glow Face Sculpt & Highlighter which I think might be my favourite product I’ve seen. The packaging is a sight to behold!

Emeraldeyeliner wrote a great post about the Classic Stila Convertible Colour. She has some collection of them and the post made me want them all! I think I’ll have to pick up Peach Blossom very soon.

What I bought this week…


I was very budget conscious this week as I’m getting paid soon. Dealz do some great branded cosmetic offers and every so often you can luck out with some really good products. I managed to get a Rimmel Apocalips and Scandaleyes Liquid Shadow for just €1.49 each when each would normally be about €7 each. Bargain!

Well that was another blogging and beauty week! Hope you had a good one xx

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