Stila Convertible Colour in Peony

Stila Convertible Colour Peony

I’ve never really owned anything from Stila but have read many glowing reviews. I was browsing the January sales in Marks And Spencer and spotted a bargain Stila Set for half price – find out more about it here.  The set contained the famous Stila Convertible Lip and Cheek Colour in Peony. It was the convertible Colour that really sold the set to me as I’d wanted to try it for ages.

Stila definitely do very pretty packaging something that never goes unnoticed with me. The Convertible Colour comes in a lovely pink metallic compact. From the colour of the compact I expected the product to have more of a pink tone but the colour is definitely more of a pinky brown than a pure pink to me. The Convertible Colour is designed to be worn as a cream blush and a lip colour. Below is a (rare) photo of me wearing it on cheeks and lips.


Stila Peony

I definitely prefer this colour on my cheeks than my lips. The colour does nothing for my face on the lips but gives a bit of warmth and lift on my cheeks. The thing that really impressed me about this product was the staying power. I applied this in the morning and by evening it was still pretty perfect. I’m used to cream formulas sinking in to my dry skin but not this one!

I think I would have really loved this if it was a different colour. It’s a great formula with perfect staying power I just wouldn’t be crazy about the colour for both lips and cheeks. My bargain set cost just €34 but the Convertible Colour alone is usually about €21 making my set super value! Have you tried anything from Stila?

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