Sleek Face Form Palette Review

Sleek face Form Palette

Sleek Face Form Palette

I’m really ashamed to admit that I only got into contouring in a big way from my guilty secret – Keeping up with the Kardashians – I know, sorry! Those girls have some fabulous make up and are big fans of a well contoured cheek. I’m not entirely convinced that they use their own Khroma Beauty range though, I haven’t had the joy of testing that yet.

There are some great photos on t’internet showing the extreme version of contouring that Kim K uses, I don’t think it’s something that’d work for a day at the desk though! I had been using a combination of my own bronzer, highlighters and blushers for my contouring but I decided I’d give this Sleek Face Form Palette a whirl.

This is the light shade of the Sleek Face Form Palette, there is also a fair shade which is lighter than light but it’s kind of hard to see the difference from the shots on the Sleek website. Below is the light shade. It comes in a lovely black palette with a big mirror.

Sleek Palette

Sleek Palette and MAC 168 Brush


Sleek Palette Swatch

Sleek Palette Swatch

Here it is on my cheek, I’ve marked where I apply just to give you an idea if you’re not familiar with contouring. I use my trusty MAC 168 Brush in the shot above for contouring.
1. Blend the darkest shade under your cheekbone from your ear downwards.
2. Place the lightest shade on top of your cheekbone.
3. Smile, and place the blusher shade on the apples of your cheeks.

Cheek Contouring Guide

Cheek Contouring Guide

The blush is a little strong for my liking, it has a red tint in it and a shimmer which I’m not too fond of but I wouldn’t rule it out altogether. The bronzer is a little dark for me so I use a very light hand with it. I’d be interested to see if the fair shade is much lighter as I’m thinking maybe I should have bought that one.The highlighter is perfect, no glitter just nice creamy pearl effect. The palette cost €12.99 and is available on the Sleek Makeup website.

It’s a nice well pigmented palette but be careful with your shade choice!

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