Skin 79 BB Creams – Finally!

Skin 79 Boxed

One of my favourite Irish Bloggers Makeup Monster has raved for a long time about the amazingness of these BB creams. I do like a bit of a BB cream because they act as a light foundation while protecting your skin with an SPF. I recently read another review of these by Total Makeup Addict and that gave me the final push to order these!

There is a range of five main BB creams by Skin 79 and I wish I was clever like Aisling and ordered all five in the smaller bottles (15ml) as the large ones are very generous (40ml). The creams have different shades, SPFs and are suited to different skin types. I considered my options carefully so I decided to order the gold as it’s the one Makeup Monster raves about the most and based on Total Makeup Addicts review I decided to get the purple one. I wanted the green one but it wasn’t in stock when I ordered but I did receive a few samples with my purchase.

Skin 79 Bottles

I found the two products quite similar but I felt I got a better shade match from the purple one. The gold is a little pale on me but not enough that I wouldn’t use it, I think it will be perfect for winter. The gold has an SPF of 25 but the purple an SPF of 40. I have quite dry skin and I found the purple the most moisturising. It can feel quite wet when you put it on but once it’s blended it sits well on my skin. The gold isn’t as wet and might suit people with oilier skin a bit better.

Left - Gold BB Cream, Right - Purple BB Cream

Left – Gold BB Cream, Right – Purple BB Cream 

The purple cream contains hylauronic acid (retains moisture in skin) and arbutin which is apparently a safe whitening ingredient. It also contains adenisone which apparently helps smooth wrinkles. There’s argan, moringa and olive oils as well for moisturising. The gold version contains these ingredients as well as gold and caviar nonetheless! Below is a great comparison of all the BB creams courtesy of the Skin 79 US website here.

Skin 79 Comparison

I’ve tried applying these with both a brush and my fingers and I think these work better with fingers. The coverage is a little heavier than you might expect from a BB cream but it’s perfect for me as I like a little more coverage to cover redness in my skin. What I really love about these BB creams is their staying power. I’ve found that most moisturising BB creams tend to sink into the skin over the day. These can get through a day at work and still look pretty fresh.

I ordered these from this site and they took just five working days to deliver. The gold version is $10 and the purple $15, they’re really good value for the quality and size of the product. Have you tried these?

p.s. I’ve no idea why these are called Beblesh Balms, the name scares me a little!

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