A Simple Toner – Glycerine and Rosewater

Glycerine and Rosewater

Well this is a no frills beauty product if ever I’ve seen one. I mentioned in my latest skincare update that my skin is having a bad patch of dryness at the moment. I’m trying everything I can to put moisture back into it. I recently ran out of my La Roche Posay Serozinc and was looking for a toner like replacement until I can replenish my Serozinc stocks! I was browsing in my local pharmacy for a simple toner and I came across this Glycerine and Rosewater bottle.

There are no ingredients listed on the bottle other than Rosewater and Glycerine so I’m assuming that’s all that’s in it. Rosewater is known for its skin soothing properties and glycerin helps to attract moisture to the upper levels of the skin so I thought this might be able to help my skin in its current state. This comes in a pretty unglam looking plastic medicine type bottle so when I got it home I decanted it into an empty glass spray bottle I had. I’ve been using it to spritz my skin after using the Pixi Glow Toni, or if I’m skipping Pixi I use it straight after cleansing.

Glycerine and Rosewater spray

This is simple but effective skincare. When I’ve spritzed my skin with this it feels soothed but also moisturised. It has a pretty rose smell to it which makes it feel a little glam once I decanted it into the glass bottle. The other bonus of this is that the 150ml bottle only cost €3.50 making it pretty cheap compared to even budget toner products. It’s made by Irish company Ultra Pure Laboratories who make other simple products such as witch hazel, silcocks base and aloe vera gel.  I really like simple products like this that don’t cost the earth but do the job. This is definitely something I will buy again. Do you have any pharmacy basics that you love?

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