September Beauty Blog Challenge

September Beauty Blog Challenge #SBBC

September Beauty Blog Challenge #SBBC

My very first blog post was not too long ago on Thursday 30 May but I can’t believe I’ve only been doing this a few months. It’s hard to imagine my life without it now. The one fantastic thing about blogging so far for me is the wonderful blogging community. You always hear a lot of talk of the bullying and spamming that goes on in social media but my experience has been nothing but positive. The Beauty Blogger community both in Ireland (#irishbbloggers) and internationally have been nothing but supportive to me, so thanks guys!

It’s really inspiring to be involved with such a creative bunch. One great example of this creativity is the September Beauty Blog Challenge which is the brainchild of the fantastic Girl Friday Beauty Blog. The idea behind the challenge is to revive your blogging mojo by challenging you to blog every day. Now I currently only blog every second or third day at the most so I’m feeling a bit apprehensive about it! But to be really helpful Girl Friday has come up with a list of post topics to help you along the way. So I’ll be using most of these for the challenge, with one or two of my own thrown in. You can visit her fabulous blog here.

The main reason I want to do this is to really see how possible it is for me to blog every day and also to see if I can continue to grow my blog more over the month. I’ve been really overwhelmed by the response to my blog so far and I hope to keep this momentum going. So a massive thank you to Girl Friday Beauty Blog for the brilliant idea and I hope your enjoy all my posts for the September Beauty Blog Challenge!

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