SBBC Wrap Up!


The last month has just flown. At the beginning of the month I took on a challenge laid down by Girl Fridays Beauty Blog to blog every day in September. I really can’t believe it is actually over, I feel like I only started it yesterday, it’s just flown by.

I think it went well, I achieved the basic objective which was to post every day! I only had one or two days where it was a real struggle apart from that it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I didn’t stick to the list of topics very strictly and made up a few along the way. I found that sometimes I was struggling for inspiration but I managed to plough on.

Now that I have posted every day I’m not sure it is something I would stick to. I felt like some really good posts got replaced very quickly by the next day’s post. I felt that some of my readers who may only check in every few days might have missed some good content. So I have decided that although I could blog every day it might be better for my blog if I don’t post that regularly. I plan on posting every second day from now on but I still might take part in the odd daily challenge.

Thank you to my fellow SBBC’ers for all your support, retweets and lovely comments! It was great discovering some new blogs along the way and I hope to see you at the SBBC wrap up party!

4 thoughts on “SBBC Wrap Up!

  1. Nora

    Yeah I agree about blogging every day, I found it hard and couldn’t stick to it!! Loved reading your posts!! Won’t make it to the wrap up party unfortunately! x


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