Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review

Well I think I’ve said this before but one of my great missions in life is to find a gel like polish that lasts more than a day on me. I love my Shellac but can’t put up with the damage it does to my nails and the total pain in the behind that it is to remove. So far I have tried a few polishes with the gel colour and daylight curing top coat. I’ve had mixed results with the CND and Barry M versions. I wasn’t going to try the Sally Hansen version as I had heard very mixed reviews but one of the girls in work let me borrow hers to try it out before I made the investment.

I love Sally Hansen’s regular salon manicure polishes. They have some of the best wear time of regular polishes for me and the colour range is fab. These gel wear version of these were released last year. It’s a duo system where you apply two coats of colour and one of the top coat. I have tried both the burgundy shade Wine Stock and this shade Cadillaquer from the range. My initial impression of these is that the formula is a little funny. It feels a bit sticky coming off the brush and applies slightly matte looking. It’s a little hard to get an even finish with this formula so you have to have a steady hand to apply it, you can see some streaks on the far left in the photo above. You have to wait for it to fully dry before applying the top coat as I found the top coat can pick up the colour quite easily. The top coat is glossy but doesn’t give that super gel gloss look.

Now down to the important question, how did it wear? This polish promises 10 days chip free which I think is pretty unrealistic. Well I painted my nails on a Friday evening and on Monday I started to see slight wear around the tips but no chips appearing, which in my world is a miracle. I usually get about a day out of regular polish without a chip. I’ve applied this a few times and I’d say on average I get a good four days out of this polish without any chips and only minor chipping on day five. Below is the minimal wear I get by day five, some slight wear on the far left.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel - Wear on Day 5

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Wear on Day 5

If you’re looking to replicate the Shellac look well then this polish probably won’t be for you as the finish isn’t super duper glossy or thick looking. But in terms of wear time this is a winner for me with a solid four days wear without a chip and probably only at a state needing removal on day six. The colour polishes cost €9.99, so only €2 more expensive than the regular ones. The top coat is €9.99 but you can get a colour and top coat in special sets in some pharmacies for €14.99 and obviously the top coat can be used with any colour. I like it Sally Hansen, good job :-) It’s not perfect but this is my definite favourite of the gel hybrid polishes I’ve tried and I will buy a few more shades. I’d love to hear what your thoughts are if you’ve tried these out.

3 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review

  1. Nikki M

    This review was quite helpful. 5 days of wear is pretty impressive. I’ll have to try this.
    BTW, I invite you to join my twitter chat about nails every Monday. It’s called Polished Mondays. Simply tweet questions, comments, nail selfies, blog links, etc. with the hashtag #PolishedMondays @doubleclicklife, so I can be sure to retweet and reply.

  2. Becca

    Sounds pretty decent. I do like Sally Hansen although I’ve given up on regular polishes at the moment and just get Shellac – anything else with a four-year-old in tow just doesn’t cut it anymore!
    Becca | theBeautyInbox


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