Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick

Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Shade 16

Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Shade 16

It’s a bit of an out there confession for a beauty blogger but I’ll have to admit I’m not mad into lipstick. I probably talk and eat so much I find lipstick a bit high maintenance! :) I’d say I only own a handful of lipsticks but a bajillion lip glosses.

I was browsing in my local pharmacy recently and much to my wallets annoyance everything on their Rimmel stand was half price. I can’t resist a bargain so I stocked up on essentials such as loose powder and I picked up a few new bits to try. I got this lipstick as part of my haul. It caught my eye as I liked the packaging and it’s a cute colour.

This is shade 16 in the range of Kate Moss lipsticks. It’s a lovely coral/pink shade. It lasts reasonably well but its creamy finish means you need to top it up a bit.

Shade 16

Shade 16 Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate

Here’s a swatch of the shade in daylight. It’s such a nice shade I think this is winning me back over to lipstick!

Kate Rimmel Swatch

Below is a pic of me wearing the shade in daylight. I think it’s a lovely choice for summer and you can get it for €6.99 at full price, I only paid €3.50 for this in my super sale haul!

Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick

Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick

4 thoughts on “Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick

  1. Caitlin

    Wow, what a gorgeous colour! Ill admit, I’m not a big lipstick fan either but I’ve heard so many great things about the Kate Moss Rimmel ones.

    1. Sarah Post author

      Thanks Beth, I’ll check out those other colours I might be converted back to lipstick! The blog hop is great isn’t it, your blog looks lovely, I’ll have a read now.


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