Real Techniques Sam’s Picks Review

Real Rechniques Sams Picks set

Love, Love, Love me a bit of Real Techniques! They make some of the best purse friendly brushes there are around. I thought I had discovered foundation brush heaven when I found the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush – I cannot recommend this brush enough especially if you are looking for a more full coverage foundation look. A few months back this Sam’s Picks set was on Feel Unique for half price so I simply could not pass up an opportunity like that. Sam and Nic Chapman are the genius Pixiwoos Makeup Artists and creators of Real Techniques hence the name of the set.

This set contains five existing Real Techniques Brushes and one set exclusive brush. The existing brushes are the Multi-Task Brush, Buffing Brush, Setting Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush and Fine Liner Brush. The Essential Crease Brush Is exclusive to the Sam’s Picks Set. I love the colourful handles of the RT brushes and also appreciate the flat bottoms on the larger brushes so they can stand by themselves.

Real Techniques Sams picks brush names

The Multi Task Brush is the fluffy powder brush that has been missing from my life. I usually use the ELF Studio Powder Brush for applying powder and it does a good job but this brush applies powder in a more natural way. The bristles are long and dome shaped making it good for applying bronzer as well. I think this is the brush I have been using most regularly since I got the set.

At first glance I thought the Buffing Brush was a contender for the Expert Face Brush. The one thing I don’t like about the Expert Face Brush is the rectangular shape of it, I would prefer that it was more round and the buffing brush is definitely more round. The Buffing Brush gives a more natural finish to foundation than the Expert Face Brush It’s bristles are slightly longer and aren’t as tightly packed as the Expert Face Brush. It’s a good brush but I’d still pick the Expert Face Brush first out of these two.

Real Techniques Flat

Liner, Crease, Pointed, Setting, Buffing and Multi-tasking

The Essential Crease Brush is a small slightly domed brush designed for blurring out shadows in the crease. My brush of choice for doing this is usually the famous MAC 217 brush. This brush isn’t as densely packed as the Mac 217 but it does a good job of softening colour in the crease and gives a very natural look. I do prefer the 217 slightly as I feel I have more control with that but the Essential Crease Brush is a great addition to my kit, I’m surprised Real Techniques haven’t added it to their permanent collection.

The Setting brush is a handy little thing for contouring and applying highlighter. It mimics the shape of the larger Multi Task Brush so is great for targeted application of powders.

The bristles in the Fine Liner brush are a little long for my liking. I tend to wear wet powder shadow as liner and a stumpier/firmer brush works best for me. I’ve seen other reviews of this set which say this brush works really well with gel liner though.

The Pointed Foundation brush is probably my least favourite of the brushes. I’m not a fan of using a flat foundation brush as I find it hard to get a streak free finish. This brush is ok for blending out liquid concealers but even then it is a little on the large side for me.

Overall I think this is a great set, I especially think it’s great as I got it for half price at €19.99. You can still by this on Cloud 10 Beauty for €34.99. Also really recently the Pixiwoo ladies announced that Nic’s Picks is on the way, check it out here. Have you tried Real Techniques? Let me know what you think.

6 thoughts on “Real Techniques Sam’s Picks Review

  1. Mary

    €20 for all of them? Total bargain :) I’m on the hunt for a new foundation brush, I’m not so keen on the flat kind. Have you used the real techniques stippling brush?


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