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HypeI’m sure it’s happened to you at some time, you read all the rave reviews and decide you simply have to have that product! As a beauty blogger there is constant temptation and I really have to try and control myself. But I do regularly get caught up in the hype and buy the latest buzzed about product. There is nothing more disappointing to me than when I’ve forked out a substantial amount of money on a product only to be slightly underwhelmed by it. Here are some products that I don’t get the fuss over…

Benefit They're RealBenefit They’re Real
I know this is a very popular product and I bought it as I liked Benefit BadGal and assumed this could only be better. I was wrong. I find it thick and clumpy and it seems to smudge very quickly around my eyes. I keep going back to try it, wondering if I’ve misjudged it, but I just think we’re not going to get along. I also made the fatal mistake of suggesting it to my sister shortly before I tried it and she had similar results, sorry sis!

Naked 3 PaletteUrban Decay Naked 3 Palette
Now this is going to be super controversial and I’m sure many will shout in disagreement but I just don’t love the Naked 3 palette. It’s nice but I just generally feel a bit unenthused about it. I find the shades quite similar and just prefer both the original Naked and Naked 2 palettes. The colours are a little sheer for my liking and I don’t feel they really suit me. It’s not a poor product at all but I’m just not excited about it and definitely not to the level of hysteria it caused when it launched. I know many people who L-O-V-E it but I’m not sure I will ever feel that way about it, if I change my mind though I will let you know!

mac-prepprime-skinMAC Prep and Prime Skin Base
Primers are my nemesis! I can never seem to find a good one. For my last primer purchase I did a bit of research and saw a number of good reviews for this MAC primer. I love all the MAC products I own so I figured it was a no brainer. I wore this religiously for a while and I was hard pushed to tell the difference it made. I noticed a slight brightening effect but apart from that I didn’t notice much longevity in my makeup or improvement to my skin tone.

Yves siaint laurent teint touche eclatYves Saint Laurent La Teint Touche Eclat
I have been a touché éclat devotee for many many years. I know there are cheaper alternatives but I will always splash out on it as a regular addition to my makeup bag. So I was super duper excited when I heard there was a matching foundation launching in 2012. I stalked the counters in BT around the time of the launch and snapped it up as quickly as I could. I wore it religiously for a few weeks and then I found it resigned to my foundation pile. I just find it dewy to the point of feeling almost oily. I also don’t find it lasts too long without going shiny and sinking in to my skin. I have skin that tends to be dry. It just didn’t live up to my high expectations, it’s not a bad foundation it’s just not great.

Anyways sorry for the longish post. I suppose my point here is to be careful before you fall for the hype and rush to your nearest online retailer which is usually my mistake. Check does the product suit your skin type and tone and maybe wait a little while to get balanced reviews of expensive products before deciding. Also get samples or test in store where possible! Are there any raved about products that you just don’t get?

10 thoughts on “‘I don’t get the hype!’ products

  1. Nora

    I love these kind of posts! I agree about the Benefit mascara, found it very meh. In general I find a lot of Benefit products poor and over priced.

  2. Grace

    I’m not a fan of They’re Real either! Actually what annoys me the most is the packaging and the promo imaging, the woman with the photoshopped on boobs! Benefit used to have great packaging!


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