Products I didn’t love in 2015

products didn't love

I tend not to go on too much about products I don’t like as I can’t really recommend them and what doesn’t work for me may well work for someone else. But I’ve been posting my favourite products of 2015 so I thought it only fair that I balance this a bit with a few products that I didn’t love or just didn’t work for me in 2015!

Caudalie Beauty ElixirCaudalie Beauty Elixir – as a beauty junkie I am motivated to try anything that falls into the cult category and this product firmly has cult status. My skin hated this. It burned when I applied it and my skin went red. I had to wash it off straight away. Be very careful with this one if your skin is of a sensitive disposition.


Barry M Daylight Curing Nail PaintGel’ like polishes - I’ve tried three main brands of these including the CND Vinylux, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel and Barry M Sunset Polish. The most successful of these is definitely Sally Hansen but I just find they don’t live anywhere near to the wear claims that they make. On average they only last 2-3 days on me without any wear which isn’t far off regular. I’m just not sure they’re worth the extra spend.


Bourjois Colorband 2 in 1 Eyeshadow and Eyeliner in Rose FauvisteBourjois Colorband Eye Pencils I just had such high hopes for these as the swatch I did in Boots looked fab. But alas when I got home I found it dragged on skin a bit and just didn’t give the pigmentation I expected. It also felt slightly sticky on my eyelids and creased quite quickly. I always look forward to any new product from Bourjois but this one was very disappointing for me.


Makeup revolution oneMakeup Revolution The One Foundation  – Ok so I’m a big Makeup Revolution fan and love their blush and eyeshadow palettes. But this just goes to show that no brand is perfect! I had ordered their One Foundation which I think is supposed to be similar to MAC Face and Body. I just found that the consistency of this foundation was off for something that promises full coverage. The foundation was so watery and really settled in pores without covering redness or blemishes. A serious miss for me from Makeup Revolution.

So that’s a few of the products that missed the mark for me in 2015. Do you have any products you didn’t get along with?

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