Primer Problems and Kiko Skin Trainer CC Blur

Kiko Skin Trainer CC Blur

Kiko Skin Trainer CC Blur

I’ve always been a little skeptical about primers in general. I’ve used a few over the years and I find I use them for a few weeks but they generally just fall off my radar. The other thing I am guilty of is buying things on whim and that’s how this one happened!. I showed you my little Kiko haul a few weeks ago and one of the impulse purchases I made was the Kiko Skin Trainer CC Blur. I bought it because I thought maybe this one was going to change my run of primer luck!

I kind of feel like I got cornered on this product, it happens the best of us! I was wandering around a giant empty Kiko store with a fairly full basket and one of the sales assistants obviously knew I was out to spend money. She demo’d it on my hand and it made a quick difference to my skin tone on my hand as it’s tinted and has that smoothed silicone feeling. She also told me three times I was the palest shade and in my head I was like ‘I get it lady I know how pale I am’ :-).

This product is designed to smooth skin, blur pores, reduce shine and make skin tone look more even. It also claims it will ‘conceal the signs of aging’.The product has a very similar tone/feel to the Benefit Porefessional Primer, with its main ingredient being silicone oils. This product doesn’t claim to help the longevity of makeup but does claim it will help skins hydration levels overtime, so it is more of a skincare product really.

When I apply this the difference is very subtle on my dry/sensitive skin. It does a good job of making skin look matte, I can see the difference around my nose but it’s such a subtle change and it’s hard to capture it on camera. It does make skin look slightly smoother but I don’t think the tint makes too much difference. I’ve been using this for four weeks now and I haven’t really noticed much difference in my skin hydration or ‘signs of aging’.

So does this rock my world? No not really! and this isn’t a cheap product at €19 so I don’t think it’s something I would buy again. This is my problem with primers. They just don’t really make a massive difference for me. Yes they make my skin feel a bit smoother and my makeup might apply very slightly better. But for me I just don’t know that they’re justified both in price tag and the extra step in a routine. I realise ladies with oilier skin might find them great but they just don’t make a big enough difference for me. What do you think? Are you a primer fan?

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