Origins Out of Trouble Face Mask Review

Origins Out of Trouble Mask

I’ve done a few round ups of my favourite face masks lately as I’m loving them at the moment! You can see my favourite moisturising ones here and my favourite peeling/brightening ones here. I don’t tend to use the more clay type masks as I’m sometimes nervous that they will irritate or dry out my skin. But I braved one recently and here’s how I got on…

I was at a friend’s wedding last weekend (Congratulations LT!) and ended up going to bed without taking my makeup off properly (tut!) and was feeling sorry for myself and my skin the next day. In the midst of my Prosecco hangover I decided to apply a face mask in a bid to make myself feel better. I have two Origins clay based masks that I had yet to try so I thought I’d give one of them a try as my skin needed a good cleanse. I had a shower then applied this Origins Out of Trouble (Full name Origins Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask to Rescue Problem Skin – phew!) face mask to my nose and chin which are the oiliest most congested spots on my face. I didn’t extend this to my cheeks as I didn’t want to dry them out but I applied a more moisturising mask there.

This mask feels quite tingly and you can tell it contains camphor when you apply it as the smell is strong too. Camphor aims to cool and soothe skin but can be irritating for some, I found it ok. The mask also contains salycylic acid which helps to exfoliate and smooth skin. The mask is zinc oxide and sulfur based meaning it slowly dried out over the ten minutes I had it on. It didn’t get too tight to where it felt uncomfortable. When I rinsed it off both my chin and nose looked immediately clearer and felt softer. I really noticed the difference in the pores around my nose. I was also thankful that my skin didn’t look too red or irritated. I’ve had one or two small spots appear on my chin but that’s to be expected with this cleansing type of mask.

This is a great mask for clearing up congested skin, I’ll definitely be using it again. It might also suit you if you have more sensitive skin but with congestion on your t-zone. This mask costs, €30 for 100ml (I got this 75ml one in a set) I think it’s good value for the quantity and the quality of the mask. Let me know if you have any face masks that you love!

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