NOTW: Models Own Southern Lights

This has nothing to do with the nail polish but I am obsessed with seeing the Northern Lights, it’s been on my bucket list for years! So because of my obsession I really wanted the Models Own Northern Lights nail polish but unfortunately it was out of stock when I was placing a 50% off order online. So I opted for the next best thing… Southern Lights! This is a fine holographic glitter polish in a sheer grey toned base. It looks very sheer on its own so I think it really comes to life when used over a base colour. I used a baby blue polish underneath this and I think it really makes the glitter pop. I used two coats of glitter for this look. I wouldn’t normally wear glitters in the summer but I think this is very pretty when it catches the sunlight. What do you think? You can pick up Models Own polishes in bigger Boots stores for €6.

Models Own Southern Lights Models Own Southern Lights bottles

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