NOTW: Leticia Well Nail Polish 437

A friend of mine was on holidays in Spain and came across this bargain brand of nail polish. She kindly let me borrow one to put it to the test. This is a bright coral neon that goes on pretty opaque in one coat. The bottle has a lovely wide brush so it’s easy to paint nails quickly. This is such a great shade for summer and will look great on toes as well. The polish lasts well, it took three days before I started to see a bit of wear with this. Amazingly these polishes cost just €1! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for these whenever I’m next in Spain! Have you tried these polishes?

Leticia Well

Leticia Well Bottle

4 thoughts on “NOTW: Leticia Well Nail Polish 437

  1. Merche

    es precioso ese color. Es un naranja que cubre muy
    Puedes visitar


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