NOTW Chanel Kaleidoscope

You’re going to kill me but I’m writing about a polish you can’t get any more because Chanel has discontinued it! I had to write about it because I realised it’s the oldest nail polish I have. My friends bought me this for my birthday back in 2008! It’s  as good as new though and still goes on perfectly. Kaleidoscope is a gold/pewter shade with a bit of a shimmer finish. I love it for a classy night time look. I didn’t realise how much of a collectors item the Chanel polishes are, if you REALLY want this you can buy it on eBay for about €100!! Crazy, I like it but not that much! If you like this kind of shade Max Factor Angel Nails isn’t a million miles off it but it leans more silver. What do you think?

chanel kaleidoscope

Chanel Kaleidoscope

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