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Nima MittIf you read my post about the September Beauty Blog Challenge Wrapup Party here you’ll know I was really lucky to win a set of brushes from Nima Brush. Nima Brush is an Irish company run by the lovely Niamh who gave us a great makeup demo at the SBBC party. Nima Brush also make a wonder cleansing product called the Nima Mitt and Niamh was kind enough to give us all one to try at the party.

The mitt is made of super soft microfibre. Basically you use the mitt to cleanse your face with just water. Even after seeing Niamh demo this at the party I was a little bit sceptical, surely just water and a cloth can’t remove all your makeup?

Nima Mitt Instructions

Nima Mitt Instructions

Well I put it to test and I can’t believe this product isn’t more famous! When I trialled mine I was removing my daytime makeup but my base was Revlon Colorstay Foundation which is pretty sturdy stuff. I ran the wet cloth over my face and lots of makeup was appearing on the cloth. I used both sides to make sure I had it all off. I did a final test by running a bit of toner over my face and there was definitely not a scrap of makeup left. You just wash the mitt in soap after using it and it cleans right off. It’s so simple but brilliant!

Nima Mitt

Nima Mitt

I mentioned to Niamh that I’ve been on a mission to wean my sister off makeup wipes and she was kind enough to give me one for my sister to try. Now my sis will readily admit that she likes a heavier coverage on her makeup so I was curious to see how she got on with it. Well I will quote her text message to me after using it:

“Just used the mitt… It’s brilliant, took all the makeup off. The mitt was full of makeup and I thought it wouldn’t clean after. I put a little bit of soap on it and gave it a scrub and it just washed everything off, looks like new!”

So that’s two big thumbs up from us. I’d definitely recommend this. You can pick one up for €12.95 from Have you tried it?

8 thoughts on “Nima Mitt Review

  1. Beauty Baggage

    Oh nice to see a review on this, especially after seeing it in action at the #DublinMeetUp last weekend. Do you find it takes quite some time to take all your make up off with it though?

    1. Sarah Post author

      Thanks! I don’t think it takes me any longer than a normal cleanse would, about a minute really, it’s definitely worth trying!


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