Nail of the Week – Maybelline Polka Dot!

This weeks nail of the week was a complete impulse purchase on a budget splurge in Superdrug. I’m starting to get into nail art but will be the first to admit it’s not my strong point. It usually involves glitter all over the apartment and smudgy lines galore.

This polish appealed to me as it gives a nail art effect without the hard work! Below is the Maybelline Color Show Polka Dot polish in Rain Forest Canopy. It takes about 3 coats to get this finish. This only cost €4 which is really good value for the end result.

Click here for my Pinterest Pinboard of inspirations in this colour palette!

Maybelline Rain Forest Canopy

Maybelline Rain Forest Canopy

Nailofthe Week Bottle


5 thoughts on “Nail of the Week – Maybelline Polka Dot!

  1. Amna Saleem

    Ok now that is gorg…… pretty i want to get one too…..You got yourself a new followers

    Check my blog out… and follow if you like:

    Take care



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