My Top 5 Most Read Posts!

My Top 5 Most ReadSo my little blog recently turned six months old. The time has just flown, I really don’t know where it has gone!  I’ve learnt a lot so far and have really enjoyed the whole creative process of it. Sometimes you lose a bit of motivation but then I look at the amount of people who have read my blog in the last six months and imagine all those people in a big room. You actually read my blog! It makes it all worthwhile. I’m so grateful as well for all the lovely comments I get, I get so excited when I get a new one!

Anywho I’ll stop rambling but on my six month blog birthday I thought it might be interesting to show you my Top 5 Most Read Posts. I get a good proportion of my visits from search traffic so I just think it’s interesting to see what’s popular. Here’s the countdown starting with number 5 most read…

5. Illamasqua Blush in Tremble

Illamasqua blushers are so popular and such good quality that I’m not surprised this is in the top 5. I still use this product every day and would continue to recommend it. Post wise I wish I had a shot of it on my face. I still haven’t mastered the art of photographing myself and I’m a little bit shy but I will gather up the skill/courage soon!

4. Catrice Prime and Fine Primer

Catrice products really get searched for a lot. I’m not surprised as I think Catrice cosmetics are great quality for a bargain price. This is one of my posts as a newby so the photography isn’t the best. I haven’t used this primer in a while but I will dig it out now and again if I’m heading out for the night and need my make up to last. 

3. Sleek Face Form Palette

Again this is one of my older posts on the blog but it consistently gets a lot of people reading it. The photography could be better but it’s not the worst! I still use this product but not as much as I did at the start as I’ve since smashed it on the floor and the blusher broke! So when I open the palette the blusher gets everywhere if I’m not careful. It is a great product though.

2. Catrice BB Cream

This was the clear leader for most read post for ages until it got knocked off the top spot. Unsurprisingly this got a lot of readers during the summer. I keep meaning to retake my photos for this one as I’m embarrassed by the ones that are there. This was one of my very first posts, so I’ve learnt a lot about photography since then. I still absolutely LOVE this product though and am on my third tube of it. I highly recommend it for those light makeup days, when you want a natural dewy finish.

1. Eos and Balmi Review

This is by far and away the most read post on the blog, so I’m really glad it’s not like some of the others with dodgy beginners photography! The post has gotten very popular in the last month or so, so I think it’s been fueled by the cold weather, everybody is worried about the state of  their lips! I’m nearly finished my EOS balm now, so will have to pick up a new one, just love them.

If any other bloggers out there fancy showing your most read posts let me know if you do!

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