My New Nail Polish Storage!

Nail Polish Storage

Nail Polish Storage

If you read my post on the acrylic storage in Homestore and More here you’ll know i’m a bit of a neat freak and also that I’ve been on the hunt for some great nail polish storage for a while. I think I might have finally found the solution. Apologies in advance for a picture heavy post!

I was walking near the shop All Rooms on Liffey St and spotted this plastic storage in the window. I spent way too long looking at it and deciding if it would work for storing my nail polishes. I think the woman in the shop thought I was a little crazy! But I decided I’d pick it up as I thought it’d be great for dividing up my polishes and nail tools. It cost €18 which isn’t too bad, considering the value of the contents! I have the tools in the top drawer and have divided the other drawers up by colours,

Nail Polish Storage

Nail Polish Storage – The Tools

Nail Polish Storage - The Neutrals

Nail Polish Storage – The Neutrals

Nail Polish Storage - The Corals/Pinks

Nail Polish Storage – The Corals/Pinks/Purples

Nail Polish Storage - The Rest

Nail Polish Storage – The Rest

As you can see I was super sad and put little stickers on the lids with the colour. I couldn’t bring myself to cover the Chanel logo though – ha ha! I think the storage works nicely, it’s just a pity that some of the bottles are a little tall for the drawers but it’s better than the messy big bag I had. I’m not sure it’s my holy grail of nail polish storage but I like it. What do you think?

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