My Favourite Skincare Products of 2013!

skincare picksHopefully you had a chance to read my post on my favourite makeup products of 2013 here. At first I didn’t realise how budget friendly all my picks were but they were genuinely my favourites among many high end products. I’m not sure I’ll be able to say the same for my skincare picks here as I have quite expensive skincare tastes! But here are the products that really impressed me in 2013:

hydraluronHydraluron – I’m sure there might be a few yawns from some seasoned beauty bloggers as this has been around for ages! The product contains Hyaluronic Acid which helps the skin to retain moisture. I have combination skin that tends towards dry. I’ve been using this for three months and my skin looks plumper and more moisturised. The oily patches I had on my forehead and nose are almost gone. I love it. It is pricey though at €32.50 for a small tube but I’m just finished my first tube after almost three months, so it’s not too bad if you use just a small amount.

aveneAvene Skin Recovery Cream – Occasionally my skin decides to just have a complete hissy fit. It gets all red and splotchy and I always have a job trying to calm it down.  Something about Avenes packaging is very calming already and I was really impressed with the results of this cream. It does what it says on the tin. It’s a heavier moisturiser that calms down any redness or irritation, leaving a cooling feeling on the skin. I’d say it’s more for drier skin types though. It costs €18.

elemisElemis Papaya Enzyme Peel – I’m not sure I’m allowed to include this as the product wasn’t new to me in 2013 but I just love it so much, no other mask has knocked it off the top spot yet and I tried a few in 2013. It exfoliates gently while also managing to calm my red skin and leave it super soft. My skin always looks brighter after using it without any post mask breakouts. Love it, just love it. It does however cost about €35 but a tube usually lasts me about six months, with an application almost every week, so not too bad!

niveaNivea In Shower Moisturiser – Woo hoo for a budget product. I really thought I wasn’t going to be impressed by this at all and that it was a bit of a gimmick. But I am now on my fourth tube of this and will continue to buy it which is very rare for me with a body care product as I’m usually pretty fickle. This is just great for when you’re in a hurry. I use it when I’m in the gym, just lash this on in the shower and wash it off and your skin feels lovely and soft. I only use this occasionally but it’s super handy and you can usually get it on offer in Penney’s for €2, bargain!

nuxeNuxe Reve Du Miel Lip Balm – Again this is probably an obvious one to some but this lip balm is a godsend. For some reason I didn’t bring this on holidays recently and boy did I regret it. Several times I wished I’d had it because my lips were chapped from the sun and my good old Carmex just wasn’t doing the job. A few goes of this since I got back from hols and my lips are right as rain again. Again this is not your cheapest lip balm at €13 but it’s worth it!

Well that’s a bit of a mix but they are all products I will continue to re-purchase again and again. Did you have any skincare picks from 2013?

8 thoughts on “My Favourite Skincare Products of 2013!

  1. Nora

    The Nuxe is definitely in there for me, haven’t tried any of the others but gonna say Ren, Lancome and Origins were my top brands for last year!


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