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wishlistI am on a spending ban at the moment and I’m not doing brilliantly, I had a slight cave here. But I really am stoney broke so I’m going to try another month without buying any products. It’s typical when you’re on a spending ban that you suddenly want everything! Here are some of the products I’m craving at the moment.

wish biologiqueBiologique Recherche P50 - After having a rough time with my skin at the moment I’ve become obsessed with everything Caroline Hirons. I’ve been following her routines to the letter and a key part of her routine is an exfoliating toner. She highly recommends this product which is a little pricey and hard to hunt down. It costs €45 and you can buy it from the Sanctum Skincare Clinic in Dublin. It’s pricey but it’d supposed to be the bees knees for gently exfoliating and balancing out your skin.

Wish Hand ChemistryHand Chemistry - My skin has gone so dry, I’m fighting a bit of a battle against it. It’s definitely showing around my hands which look a bit parched. I’m addicted to anything with hylauronic acid in it – or the water grabber as I call it and this is a key ingredient of this hand cream. This got a rave review from Brit Beauty Blog herself here and it’s been firmly on my wishlist since. This costs €24.99 from Boots.


wish cnd vinyluxCND Vinylux - I’m a nail nut so I’ve been wanting to try this polish for ages. It’s a range of polishes that promise 7 days chip free wear. I’ve seen mixed reviews but I still live in hope that this will work for me! You can buy them online here for €12 which includes the colour and the top coat. 


wish chanel precious laceChanel Precious Lace Illuminating Powder - This is just completely frivolous! It’s only on sale in France and apparently it costs €58 but look at it, so pretty. It would be such a ridiculous purchase, it’s so pretty i’m not sure I could actually use it, but it doesn’t stop me dreaming!


wish this worksThis Works Deep Sleep Spray - Anything that helps me sleep better is great in my book. This spray gets rave reviews and Karen over at Lovely Girlie Bits is a big fan. The spray contains a soothing mix of lavender and cammomile and costs €19. I need this!


So I must be restrained and not buy any of the above but now I want them even more! Whats on your wishlist at the moment?

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