Monart Spa Review

Monart spa review

Well finally I get to tick this one off my bucket list! I have wanted to go to Monart Spa for so long and me and my friends decided to go for a girly spa break last weekend. We were very excited, we don’t get together as much as we’d like and all of us had heard such good reports of Monart. Here’s how we got on…

We booked in for a one night break which included a nights accommodation, dinner and access to the spa. When you arrive you have to buzz to be let in, which adds to the exclusive vibe. You can park in front of the old house and a valet will bring your car to the car park, very fancy! The entrance to the spa is through the old house but the spa, restaurant, bar and accommodation are in a newly built wing at the back of the house.

The reception is pretty impressive, surrounded in glass and opens out onto the lovely grounds at the back. Myself and the girls had a tasty lunch and cocktail (of course!) in the lounge before we were able to check into our rooms. The rooms were beautifully decorated and the super comfy King Coil Pillowtop mattresses got a lot of airtime from us! I particularly loved the huge bathrooms with heated floors and massive shower.

We were very excited altogether so we put on our fluffy robes and slippers and sipped a glass of Prosecco before heading down to the spa.

Monart Spa Review

Monart Spa Rooms

There is a long winding ramp from the rooms down into the spa which opens into a large reception. The spa itself has a thermal suite, two relaxation rooms, a cafe, lots of treatment rooms and a hair salon.

I’m not exactly a spa connoisseur but I have been to a fair few over the years and I have to say Monart wasn’t the best I have ever been to (the best so far was here). There were a few things that let it down for me. When we checked in we were given forms to fill out for our treatments (some of my friends weren’t given forms btw) but we weren’t given a tour of the spa and as a result were wandering around trying to find things.

My facial was lovely and I couldn’t really fault the therapist but I just felt as if I was one person on a conveyor belt of people to get treatments. It felt a bit rushed and you could tell that the staff were under a bit of pressure. My girls really enjoyed their treatments though and were very complimentary.

After my treatment I set about exploring the spa. There is a large thermal area with all sorts of treatment rooms including sauna, salt room, infrared room, experience showers and thermal pool. When I walked into the thermal area there were a lot of people around, it seemed very busy and it felt a little bit like a swimming pool. Most of the experience rooms were hard to get a spot in.

In a nutshell it wasn’t very relaxing, it felt far too busy and wasn’t particularly peaceful. Also there is no jacuzzi which we were surprised by but apparently it’s for hygiene regions. The relaxation areas were also very busy and weren’t all that quiet. The grounds though are beautiful and there are loads of ducks and their ducklings pottering around which was very cute. We went back to the thermal suite on the morning we were checking out and it was a bit calmer which was more pleasant but I just felt the spa lacked the five star touch.

We had dinner and breakfast in the hotel and I have to say both were beautiful. The service in the restaurant was brilliant and the food was high quality. The breakfast was extensive and would have something to suit everyone. I can’t fault the staff in the hotel, we made numerous requests from our rooms and they were so quick at getting back to us. The staff at the front desk were lovely as well.

Monart Bar

I am a bit surprised that I’m saying this but I feel the spa in Monart really could be better. We paid €270 each for the night including treatments, food, drink and accommodation which was wasn’t bad value. But we expected a five star experience from a five star spa and I don’t think we quite got that. I think the spa let the hotel down, there were far too many people, the staff were too rushed and it just wasn’t polished enough. I’m surprised that the spa has just won the Irish Tatler Spa of the Year Award again.

Don’t get me wrong we had a great time and really enjoyed ourselves but I just expected a little bit more from a five star award winning destination. What do you think? Have you been to Monart?

5 thoughts on “Monart Spa Review

  1. Barbara

    I was at Monart Spa over Easter and I could not disagree with you more. We most certainly got the five star treatment, including a tour of the Spa. It’s a pity that your experience was disappointing as it really is a wonderful place. I agree with you about the food, devine!

    1. Sarah Post author

      I know Barbara I’m not sure if we just caught the spa on a bad day but it just wasn’t what I expected. I have heard such fab reviews. But we did enjoy ourselves and the food was amazing!

    1. Sarah Post author

      I’d say if you went midweek it might be more relaxing but there are spas that are just as nice!


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