Mine Tan Express Tan Review


I was sent an invitation to trial this tan recently and I was a little bit nervous as all the descriptions of the tan make it sound quite dark. I told the MineTan peeps that I am super pale so if they could send me the lightest they have. I was sent this Exotic European Violet 1 Hour Tan Mousse to try out.

Mine Tan is an Australian brand and has a range of professional and at home tans based on different skin tones. The original is green toned based and is designed to give a deep bronze olive skin colour. The European tan is violet based and designed to ‘capture olive tones of a European beach holiday’. There is also a Brazilian version which has a dark ash toned base. Each tan also comes in a super dark version.

All three tans are designed to be 1 hour. So you can wash them off after an hour for a natural colour or leave them from two to three hours depending on how dark you want to go. They come in a pump bottle and the mousse has a really dark colour which had me scared!


I was super duper cautious so I applied a light coat of the violet tan and washed it off after an hour. It goes on dark enough and you can definitely see the violet tone in the mousse. The mousse is a little watery for my liking so the guide colour can move around a bit, so I felt I spent longer than normal applying it but it didn’t take ages.

When I first tried this I washed it off after an hour and I was surprised at how light my tan was. It’s so subtle as you can see in the photos below so it’s definitely a suitable one for us pale skinned gals. I tried it again a week later and applied it with a bit of a heavier hand and left it on for 3 hours. You can see the results below the tan was definitely much darker after the three hours. I like my tan a bit darker for nights out so it’s great that this tan can give you the natural and darker look. I got 6 days wear out of this before I started to see it wearing off and it wore off well it wasn’t really patchy.

Mine Tan Before and after

What I really liked about this is the tone of the tan, it’s very close to the shade I would naturally go if I got a bit brown. It also left my skin feeling really soft which was great as my skin gets quite dry from other fake tans. This is definitely one to try if you have pale skin and are worried about over tanning or if you have dry skin. It costs €26.95 but comes in a generous 200ml bottle so I think it would last me a while. You can check out the full range and buy the products at www.minetan.ie What do you think?

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