MeMeMe Arch Angel Review

MeMeMe Arch Angel Tube1

If you follow my instagram you know I love a good bargain and just after Christmas I managed to get this MeMeMe Arch Angel and the MeMeMe Fallen Angel products together in a gift set for just €10. It would have been rude not to buy them! I’ve never tried anything by MeMeMe but their products do have a Benefit like vibe about them but come in at a cheaper price tag.

Arch Angel (love the name btw!) is an eyebrow duo. You use the dark wand to colour in brows and the highlighting end to add light to the brow bone. The brow colour side is quite dark but it works perfect for me as I have black eyebrows but I think this just comes in one shade so it may not suit fairer ladies (Update: there is a light brown shade!). What I love about this is the size of the wand. Rimmel Brow This Way has a lovely formula but for me the wand is just too big and I have quite full brows. I end up getting the colour everywhere. The wand on Arch Angel is much better it’s more similar to the popular Benefit Gimme Brow small wand. The product gives a nice strong colour to the brow as you can see below – apologies for general state of my brows here in need of a thread!

MeMeMe Arch Angel wand


MeMeMe Arch Angel brows

The highlighting side contains what looks like a gold toned highlighter but when I swatched this it had more of a pearl finish and was a little bit shimmery for my liking. I don’t know if I’d be as enamoured with the highlighting side of the wand as I am with the brow side. I’m not sure it’s something I would use unless I had no other highlighter with me.

MeMeMe Arch Angel highlighter wand

MeMeMe Arch Angel highlighter swatch1

Overall I do like this product but really just for the brow side. It’s a good colour match for me and I love the size of the wand. I got this product for €5 but it normally costs €10. If you’re a fan of Gimme Brow and use a darker shade this might save you a few euro! Have you tried any products from MeMeMe?

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