Makeup Revolution The One Fluid Blusher

Makeup Revolution The One Fluid Blsher

Well it’s hard to believe but little ol Makeup Revolution turned 1 two weeks ago! In case you hadn’t noticed I’m a big fan of theirs (you can read all my reviews here) and so I can’t believe most of their products I love have been in my life for less than a year. I’ve had The One Fluid blusher in my stash for a while but am for some reason only getting around to trying this out now.

If you’ve ever seen the lovely Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blushers these are pretty much an exact dupe for these. The are extremely liquid which makes them a little unwieldy, I’m still not sure I’ve perfected the art of applying them. When I say you only need a teeny amount of these, I mean a pea sized drop. It’s best to build up than end up with mucho rosy cheeks. I apply these using my fingers which I if think is the best way. I pour a tiny drop onto the back of my left hand and apply in circular motion from the centre of my cheek moving outward quickly. These set really quickly so you have to move fast to avoid any lines.

makeup revolution the one blusher pink sea

But oh boy does this leave you with a seriously natural flush. It’s as close as natural colour as you’re going to get. The Pink Sea shade I have looks shockingly pink in the bottle but goes on a lovely baby pink shade.This has some serious staying power and won’t budge throughout the day.

I checked the Makeup Revolution website and these blushes are in the ‘last chance to buy section’ on the website so unfortunately they are being discontinued :-( But this means you can buy these for €2.11 at the moment. Delivery to Ireland is about €5 but isn’t too bad if you’re getting a few bits. I have a few new bits winging their way to me at the moment. Have you tried anything from Makeup Revolution?

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