Lip Balm Wars – Eos v. Balmi Review!

EOS V Balmi Lip Balm

EOS V Balmi Lip Balm

I had been dying to try the EOS lip balms for ages after hearing good things about them. I had also heard people mention the Balmi ones as well as a similar style balm. I ordered an Eos Summer Fruits lip balm from Beauty Emporium. A few days later I was in a chemist and saw the Balmi ones by the till, so decided I’d try that out as well and see if there was a difference.

Well they’re similar but there are some subtle differences. The EOS balm has great credentials. It’s 100% natural and 95% organic, which is pretty impressive. I could feel its softening effect the moment I put it on. It smells lovely but not too overpowering and it tastes kinda sweet.

EOS V Balmi Lip Balms

EOS V Balmi Lip Balms

The Balmi balm is slightly more compact than the EOS one. The OCD in me likes it because it’s totally round whereas the EOS is kind of an egg shape! This also has an SPF of 15. I got the blackcurrant one and it smells very overpowering but tastes ok. The Balmi one doesn’t quite have the eco credentials of the EOS one. From the list of the ingredients it’s more heavy on the chemicals.

Both are priced similarly with the Balmi one €5.95 and the EOS one was €6.95. You get 10g of product with Balmi and 7g with EOS. The Balmi isn’t quite as softening and the EOS smells and tastes better. I know you’re not supposed to eat it by the way, but you know what I mean! In this fight for me EOS wins hands down, it’s got great green credentials and is worth that bit extra for the product!

Have you tried EOS or Balmi lip balms?

4 thoughts on “Lip Balm Wars – Eos v. Balmi Review!

    1. Sarah Post author

      Thanks Emma!!! Yep you def need an Eos in your life. The Balmi isn’t bad at all just the Eos is that bit better!! :)

  1. Gemma

    Do you know what chemists stock these? I’ve been after one since Sue Jackson’s review as I love how you can hang it of your car keys :D


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