#LetsTalkBlogChallenge – Summer Essentials

Lets Talk Blog Challenge 2This is the second week in the Lets Talk Blog Challenge being hosted by Sarah over At The Beauty Desk. You can pick fashion, beauty or lifestyle essentials and I’m of course going to stick with my favourite topic beauty!

The hands down number one essential for me for summer is SPF. I have pale skin that burns quite easily and I’ve no desire to expose my skin to the sun. I get my tan exclusively from a bottle! The most important thing to protect is your face so I’m going to show you my three favourite SPFs for face.

LTBC VichyVichy Mattifying Face Fluid SPF30 – I happened upon this by accident as I had gone in to buy my usual La Roche Posay one but couldn’t find it. This is a heavier cream but it doesn’t feel that way on the face. It doesn’t leave skin looking greasy, it gives a nice matte finish. It’s a great pick especially if you’re applying makeup after. This costs €14.50.


LTBC LRPLa Roche Posay Anthelios Xl SPF50 - This is probably one of my favourite SPFs and I have been using it for years. For me it’s the least likely to clog my pores but still gives great protection. It’s quite a light fluid so you won’t feel any heaviness on the face. You can also get a tinted version of this as well. This costs €19.50.



LTBC No7No7 Anti-Dark Spot Facial Sun Protection SPF50 - This is a great little product from Boots. I picked this up on a whim and I really like it. This contains brightening ingredients as well as an SPF50. It feels quite heavy on fingertips but it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. I have noticed my skin is looking a little brighter since I’ve been using this. It also costs just €15.50.


Here are some of my tips for face SPF:

  • I always apply SPF to my face, chest and hands everyday.
  • If you want protection that lasts all day you really need to wear SPF30 or higher.
  • Always cleanse your skin twice when you’re wearing SPF as most SPFs are designed to be water resistant. I usually run a cotton pad soaked with micellar water over my face and then I use a wash off cleanser. This will stop an SPF from clogging your pores over time.
  • If you are going to an occasion when you’ll be getting your photo taken it’s best to skip applying an SPF as they can cause a white mask like effect in photos.
  • Skincare guru Caroline Hirons says its best not to buy a moisturiser with an SPF as essentially you’re just paying for an expensive SPF and it may not be strong enough. She recommends separate moisturiser and SPF. SPF should go on last before your makeup. You can read her brilliant post on SPF here.

So there you have my Summer essential SPFs, do you have a favourite one? You can catch up on all the other bloggers Summer essentials with the #LetsTalkBlogChallenge hastag on twitter.

18 thoughts on “#LetsTalkBlogChallenge – Summer Essentials

  1. Aishling (@fluffyVW)

    I’m terrible and don’t use SPF and I know I really need to!
    I will definitely try and purchase some soon!
    I just hate how expensive a lot of them are. But the only good thing is I think they’ll last because we don’t get much good weather anyhow haha! :D
    Great post :)

    1. Sarah Post author

      Thanks Aishling! I can really recommend the boots one it’s good quality and not bad value.

    1. Sarah Post author

      Yeah people think theyre allergic to SPF but it’s usually because they haven’t taken it off properly

  2. sarah

    Love this post Sarah. I have to check out the tinted version of the La Roche Posay after your suggestion. Going to read the article you suggested as well by Caroline Hirons.

  3. LilliWhiteRose (@Lilliwhiterose)

    I always had a problem with Sun cream giving me breakouts I always knew it was because it was just dug deep down in my skin from either being topped up or there all day. So my Cleanse Off Mitt has really helped with that and now I have no breakouts anymore!

  4. Kayliegh

    I know how annoying skin that burns easily is. It got so bad last summer I had to resort to using the kids SPF 50 and I still managed to burn with that! Oh the joy!



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